Access Keys

Access Keys allow you to share read-only access to your graphite data with external applications, scripts, or dashboard plugins.


An Access Key can help you use different Graphite plugins using Hosted Graphite Data, such as:

  • Tasseo A real-time Graphite dashboard. Also available within Hosted Graphite - follow the Tasseo link at the top, or grab it from the Tasseo GitHub page

  • Graphene For an alternative real-time Graphite Dashboard, see the Graphene GitHub page

  • Seyren An alerting dashboard for Graphite. See the Seyren GitHub page

  • The Graphite Render API The Graphite Render API allows you to create images of your graph data. It’s a really comprehensive way to render the data collected by Hosted Graphite.

  • Local Dashboard Instance Add Hosted Graphite as a data source to your local/self-hosted dashboard installation to render your metrics. You can find a detailed guide here.

The created access key will be listed in the table as shown in the image above. Simply copy and append the key to your Hosted Graphite URL (e.g: to use it in your external application, as per its documentation.

Click the “Add Access Key” button to do the obvious.

  • Access Key Name Creating an Access Key requires that you name the key. This has no connection to the key itself, it’s just a handy reminder of why you added it. E.g. to connect to an external dashboard like Tasseo, or to an alerting system such as Seyren.

  • Optional - Add An IP Whitelist It’s not necessary for you to add a whitelist, but this will add an extra level of protection if your key is leaked, and you want to ensure that data is only coming from servers you control. The whitelist accepts comma-separated IP addresses in the standard format (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX). Only team managers and account owners will see the Access Key list or have the option to create keys.

  • Type - Dashboard or Graphite Unless you’re specifically using an Access Key to share a dashboard, the option you want to pick is Graphite. This gives external applications access to Graphite’s data.

Clicking the wrench / Edit icon to bring up the Edit Access Key dialog. There is also an option here to Whitelist an IP if needed:

Hit the trash can icon to bring up the Delete Access Key dialog and simply hit the “Yes, Delete” button to purge the Access Key from the system.

  • When I visit the Access Key URL I get a ‘403 Forbidden’ error The access key enables access to the read-only parts of Hosted Graphite that allow you to retrieve data, and anything else returns a 403. If you add ‘/render/’ to the end of the created URL, you’ll see a blank graph image showing a red “No Data”.

  • I still get a 403 error at the ‘/render/’ URL Remove any whitelisted IP addresses you have added to the access key, and try again. If you still have trouble accessing the URL, contact us.

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