How to send metrics using Postman

Sending a metric via HTTP POST

  1. Open Postman.

  2. Create a new request, set its type to POST and its URL to

  3. Go to the Authorization tab. For the authorization, type select Basic Auth. In the username field, enter your Hosted Graphite API key.

  4. Go to the Body tab. Select raw, and enter a datapoint for your metric (you can send multiple datapoints as long as they are on separate lines). You may also include an optional Unix timestamp with your datapoint. A datapoint has the following parameters: <metricName> <value> <optionalTimestamp>

  5. Click the Send button to send your datapoint. When your datapoint has been sent successfully, you will receive a response with status 202 Accepted.

Your API key can be found on your account home page.

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