Sending Metrics

Hosted Graphite makes it easy to send and manage different types of metrics from any source.

Types of Metrics

The most common types of metrics sent to Hosted Graphite include system metrics (from an agent), custom metrics (from within your application code), and service metrics (from a 3rd party service that we integrate with).
  • To learn more about collecting system and server metrics using an agent, please refer to our Agents Guide for a list of agents that are easy to configure with Graphite.
  • For information on sending metrics without an agent, e.g. custom application metrics, take a look at the examples in our Language Guide. This is a comprehensive guide for configuring custom metrics into your application code, using a socket connection.
  • Find out how to send metrics from a service that we integrate with, such as Heroku and AWS. Our Add-Ons and Integrations Guide will help you get started!

Metric APIs

  • Check out our Metrics API and Tag API which can be used for listing, searching, and deleting your metrics with several useful parameters.