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Graphite Render API

With the Graphite Render API, you can:
  • View raw metric data outside of your primary dashboard.
  • Apply functions to your metric data.
  • Search for data within a specific or relative time frame.
  • Retrieve the data in different display formats.
  • Use Access Keys to integrate metric data into external tools or services.
Used to make render queries that can be easily integrated into external or self-built tools.
To integrate Hosted Graphite data externally, Create an Access Key to authorize render requests. Copy the key URL and add /render?target=
For example:<Access_Key>/graphite/render?target=
The render endpoint when signed in to your account is:
  • Target
This parameter specifies the path to identify one or more metrics and also supports wildcards (*).
Note: The default Data Views applied to the query is “avg” which might not always be helpful depending on the metric type. Change this by appending the desired data view to the metric name separated by a colon (:). Refer to the Examples below.
  • From / Until
These parameters are optional and accept relative or absolute times (or a combination of both). Relative Time is the length of time from the current time and is always preceded by a minus sign (-). If no time parameters are specified, the default values are from=now-24h and to=now.
The accepted units of time are:
Month (30 Days)
Year (365 Days)
For Example:*&from=now-1w
If unspecified, the default format is png. Using the &format= argument you can decide how you want to view your data:
  • &format=png: Renders a graph as a 330×250 px png.
  • &format=svg : Renders a graph as a 330×250 px svg.
  • &format=raw: Line-delimited output. (target, start timestamp, end timestamp, step, data)
  • &format=csv: Creates a CSV file to download (metric, date/time, value)
  • &format=json: Returns a JSON object.


Using sample metric, below are some example queries and outputs (click the images to enlarge):
Default render,"Uptime")&from=now-30min
Render with aliased metric name
Default JSON
JSON with “max” data view
Curl Example:
curl -X GET ""
For more information about building queries and customizing outputs, visit the Graphite Render Docs.