Using Your Own Alerting

If you feel you need complex graphite Alerting Overview features that we don’t yet support there are several great open source projects to provide alerting on your metrics.

Two well-maintained projects are Cabot and Seyren.

Connecting Hosted Graphite to Open Source Alerting Tools

Connecting Hosted Graphite to open source Alerting tools is a simple process.

  • First, you need to create an access key.

  • Right-click the URL of the access key, and copy it.

  • Use this value as your Graphite URL in your alerting system.

Using Hosted Graphite with Cabot


Both GRAPHITE_USER and GRAPHITE_PASS should be left empty, they’re not necessary when using the Access Key.

Note GRAPHITE_API should end with a ‘/’ character.

Using Hosted Graphite with Seyren

Set the GRAPHITE_URL to your Access key URL as either a system property or an environment variable when starting Seyren. In the simplest case:

export GRAPHITE_URL=Your access Key URL
java -jar seyren-1.2.0.jar
open http://localhost:8080

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