Hosted Graphite provides a post-receive github hook, which allows you to flag when commits are added to your repos with dashboard annotations.

How to Send GitHub Commit Data to Hosted Graphite

To get GitHub commits flagged in Hosted Graphite follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Addons page, and in the Annotation Add-Ons section click on the GitHub card.

  • Copy the webhook URL, including your API key.

  • Browse to your GitHub repo, visit the ‘settings’ section, then ‘webhooks’

  • Under ‘Webhooks’ click the “Add Webhook” button.

  • Enter the URL in the box provided

  • Select ‘application/json’ as the content type, and ‘send me everything’

  • Hit Save

Your GitHub events will now be sent to the webhook URL and saved on your account as Annotations. Use the following tags to search for the annotations you want to display:

  • Push Event Tags – ‘github’, ‘push’, <repo>, <branch>, <user>

  • PR Event Tags – ‘github’, ‘pull-request’, <action>, <repo>, <user>

  • Deploy Event Tags – ‘github’, ‘deployment’, <status>, <repo>, <user>, <environment>

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