Monthly updates to Hosted Graphite by MetricFire features and services

August 2023

  • MetricFire Homepage localised into Japanese, Korean and Portuguese
  • Heroku-Postgres metrics integration + Auto-dashboard
  • Updated integration with Sitespeed Annotations
  • Hosted Graphite Agent updated to python3

July 2023

  • Microsoft Teams Alerting Notification Channel
  • Greater integration with Site Performance Insights
  • Improvements to Metric annotation issues
  • A+ score for both Hosted Graphite and Security Headers
  • Sentry Reconfiguration for Alerting
  • Backend + services cleanup and optimisation

June 2023

  • Development for June was spent on configuring a Microsoft Teams alerting notification channel for deployment in July
  • Heroku Add-On Maintenance and upgrade to Heroku API V3
  • Sentry reconfiguration for improved internal alerting and response times
  • Updates to site stability and indexing
  • The MetricFire team spent time exploring new methods of integrating with Microsoft Azure and metrics
May 2023
  • Bug fixes for the month of May were spent on resolving alert resolution and metric expiry feature issues
  • Development for the month of May was spent on backend services cleanup and optimisation
  • Improvements to Graphite Web / Query Functions
  • Deployed greater ability for users to adjust their current plan option self-service

April 2023

  • Added AWS MemoryDB Service to Add-On
  • Bug Fixes for Heroku Add-On services
  • Metric Expiry Updates and Fixes
  • ‘Limited access group’ feature improvements
  • Hosted Graphite Ruby Gem update for tagged metrics
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