Migrating to Hosted Graphite from your own Graphite installation

We get a lot of questions from customers who want to move to Hosted Graphite from their own Graphite install. Here are a few common queries we get:
  • Can I migrate existing whisper file data to Hosted Graphite?
    Yes, and depending on the quantity of metrics (and your subscription plan) we can do this for you.
  • How can I tell how many metrics I have / what plan would my existing install fit in?
    In your Graphite directory, run the following to get the total number of metrics you have:
    find . -type f -print | grep ".wsp" -c
    This will get the amount used in the last 30 days, which is useful as a gauge of what metrics you are actually using:
    find . -mtime -30 -type f -print | grep ".wsp" -c
    If you are using StatsD, you can divide this number of metrics by the number of additional aggregations that StatsD sends such as mean, upper, lower, etc. StatsD typically adds 8 extra measurements per metric but may be different for your installation. Unless you’re really attached to StatsD, you don’t need these - we already collect these different data views for each metric.
  • How can I get my data in?
    You can use one of our language guide to send data to us. Send your original data values with the timestamp of the original measurement. Send via TCP, and limit your request to < 1000 data points per second - otherwise you risk being rate-limited.
    Alternatively, if you move to one of our paid plans just drop your whisper files into AWS and send us a mail. We’ll do the migration for you.